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About Us

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What is G-Saram?

Field of activities:

  • Providing a safe and user-friendly broker that bases in Japan to world-wide traders;
  • Opening a gateway into the business-to-business (B2B) world and enable other businesses to sell products and services without pre-planning, hiring, training, and implementation work through white labeling;
  • Researching, developing and renting complete automatic trading systems using EA & AI  to introduce to investors that do not have time and do not want to learn trading by themselves;
  • Training and teaching forex trading, publishing safe and low-risk trading systems;
  • Operating and managing investment funds.


  • Building up the best trading environment for international traders with the most user-friendly interface, the best academy to help local Vietnamese have a complete image and then a deep knowledge about the fastest growing global trading market – forex, focusing on researching and developing artificial intelligence technology for the most effective automatic trading system.
  • Developing a professional and comprehensive human resource system to create a strong brand reputation beginning with the Vietnamese market, outstretching worldwide.


  •  “Good people”: We believe decent people starting with decent leadership create a decent company – inspiring people who lead with integrity, move things forward, garner commitment from others, and are willing to ask the tough questions when necessary. We put the power to develop the core qualities of the business into the hands of anyone dedicated to bringing integrity, respect, and personal responsibility back to the workplace – regardless of their place in the organization.
  • “Good services”: our company is committed to ensure the best benefits for customers based on 3 criteria: Efficiency – Safety – Sustainability.
  • “Good company”: we focus on building a stable and strong company system that includes all of the key factors influencing business growth: coherent leadership, high technology, quality of products and customer services.